Social Media

On October 10, 2013, the official Facebook Page for the University of Wyoming at was launched. Special care and attention was taken to ensure that the site was presented professionally and easily recognizable as the institutional page of the University of Wyoming. Graphics were optimized, timeline was established and the page was launched with cross-marketing via networked social feeds. Within 24 hours, the page grew from 3 to 5000 likes. With strategic marketing initiatives in place, cross-promotion, Facebook ad buys, and targeted give-aways, the page has nearly 18,000 likes as of May 2014. The page enjoys high engagement rates, reaching as high as 55% during strategic marketing initiatives. The page also consistently ranks in the top 10 for higher education according to Meltwater Likealyzer.

Lisa continues to provide strategic marketing initiatives by crafting a social media strategy that goes beyond page likes and page engagement. Targeted advertisements, specifically generated for demographics, continue to strengthen the university’s social media efforts by generating a successful targeted reach with a quantifiable return on investment.

In December 2013 Lisa was invited to be a presenter at the 2013 Higher Ed Social Media Conference. Speaking to optimizing graphics for a professional presentation on Facebook and beyond, Lisa is now recognized as a member of Higher Ed Marketing faculty.

In September of 2013, Lisa was featured in Uwyo Magazine, detailing the impact social media has had on the increased marketing efforts of the University of Wyoming. UWyo Magazine, Page 64.


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