The University of Wyoming website at www.uwyo.edu consists of 300 sub-sites and over 30,000 pages, all infused with the University of Wyoming brand. The Cascade content management system, authored by Hannon Hill, is maintained by Institutional Marketing and UW IT. The strategic initiative of the website is to drive awareness of the UW brand. Top level institutional pages are designed to optimize the user-experience and also to be driven by SEO crafted content. Top level pages consist of landing pages and other campaign driven sites such as www.uwyo.edu/pride To enhance the user experience and to further Public Relations goals and strategic marketing, the rotating carousel image at www.uwyo.edu is designed with specific goals in mind. Whether to promote global awareness, highlight specific institutional achievements or to showcase the diverse offerings of the University of Wyoming, the graphics are optimized for ease of load, and enhancement of the particular message. Click here for a slideshow portfolio of strategically placed graphics designed by Lisa for the rotating header at www.uwyo.edu.

Natural Balance Massage & Day Spa: www.naturalbalancemassageandspa.com

A site utilizing WordPress as a content management system. Design, set-up, WordPress installation and theme modification by Lisa Sherrodd. Custom CSS, custom plugins.

The Flashbacks at www.the-flashbacks.com

WordPress content management system. Design, set-up, WordPress installation, theme modification, custom CSS, custom plugins.


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